By Katie Davies

“As a busy mum of 4, I feel I have become quite the connoisseur of pushchairs and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! When it came to purchasing a pushchair for our little girl, I knew exactly what I needed and the Oyster 3 has certainly not disappointed.

First of all, I was looking for my main pushchair, one I could use every day and it needed to be able to have a carrycot, car seat as well as a seat. So, first impressions of the Oyster 3 is it’s a good looking one! We opted for the city grey frame and Mercury fabric. With its herringbone design it is much more than just a plain grey pushchair and adds a touch of class to the whole design. I was impressed by the range of colours that were on offer and there were some beautiful shades for those who really want to make a statement.

There is a shopping basket with an open pocket for the rain cover – handy as this means that you always have the cover with you but it doesn’t get in the way. The shopping basket is of an average size but holds everything we need – changing bag, picnic blanket etc. The frame itself is easy to collapse and fold and has a handy handle to help you lift it into the car. It self-locks the frame together too – very neat. I personally don’t find it too heavy, and it is very light with no attachments on it. One of the things that sold the pushchair to me was that it would fold with the seat unit on (in either parent or world facing positions) and would also fold with the ride-on board attached.

Buying from an independent retailer meant that we had the expertise behind us to help guide us and we were able to put our existing car seat from our previous baby onto the Oyster 3 with adaptors. The adaptors look and feel strong and are easy to pop onto the frame.

The carrycot is lovely and easy to attach and de-tach from the frame. The covers are all easy to remove which is great from a washing point of view and the mattress feels firm but comfortable. Maybe it is slightly narrower compared to other brands but we were able to use it up until our daughter was 5 months old. The hood is a good size and has the option to fold down flat and there is a flap at the back so more light and air can be let in too. The whole cot collapses down so it is also easy to store away when not in use. The carrycot does need to be removed from the frame when folding the pushchair down.

The main seat is really what sold me the pushchair and is really the part of the pushchair that will be used the most. The seat is well padded and super easy to put on and off the chassis. It has the option to be parent facing or world facing and does not need to be removed to fold down when putting it away – big bonus! The seat is lovely and upright and has an adjustable footrest. The most important thing to me – it lies down completely flat – not at a slight angle but completely flat which almost makes it like a larger carrycot – ideal for small toddlers who like a nap (and maybe even bigger ones too!). The 5-point buckle system could be improved ( but BabyStyle have just bought out a magnetic one which would certainly help) as each strap needs to be held together to get into the buckle – not easy if you have a wriggling toddler. The footmuff is well padded and feels very luxurious and cosy.

The pushchair does have suspension and we walk up and down a very bumpy track with it, but this is not an off road buggy. Having said that, it will go across a grass field easily and the option to ‘fix’ the front wheels into-non swivel motion is useful here; but its not a pushchair to go on an adventurous trek with. However the pushchair is light to push and very easy to manoeuvre on many terrains.

We also purchased the ride-on board – a god send! The neat board also pushes up and clicks onto the frame and stays in place – no dropping onto your feet while walking with this board! You are even able to fold the pushchair up with the ride-on board still in place.

A huge advantage is been able to pull the pushchair out of the car, and in 2 seconds you are able to just go as everything is already where it should be – no putting the ride-on board or seat on….. just pop your baby in and you are good to go.

So, in all is this a good buy? I don’t think you can go wrong with the Oyster 3 – I love it and very pleased that I got it. Certainly use a retailer to show you all the little tips and tricks and you will soon be pushing your very own Oyster 3 too.”


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