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By Lisa-Marie Gibbons

“When I first went shopping for a pushchair I was around 22 weeks pregnant and had little knowledge on the kind of pushchair I needed, I just knew what kind of pushchair I liked the look of. Little did I know that actually, the pushchair aesthetic is just a cherry on top if I’m honest.

I walked in to Little Poppets and asked to see to two very different brands that were on on very different ends of the spectrum. The owner kindly spoke to me about my current lifestyle and needs and wants. He pulled out the two pushchair brands that I asked to see but suggested that I also considered the Oyster3 as he believed it would be more suited to my lifestyle. I honestly fell in love with the Oyster3 straight away. I loved how lightweight the chassis is and how easy it would be to get in and out of the car. I loved how easy and smooth the push was and that the handle was flatter, allowing for the palm of the hand to naturally rest on the handle bar. But most of all how easy it was to just flick the chasis open and click the carrycot on. The thought of doing multiple trips in a day with a baby didn’t bother me as it was so easy to set up the pram and go. Other parents would be spending much longer than me in the car park setting up their prams, I was away in literally seconds.

My little boy absolutely loved the carrycot and would settle so easily in there. I had an emergency c-section, but was able to go for a walk with the pushchair 5 days after giving birth. The push is so light it didn’t affect me at all. After a couple more weeks I was able to put the pushchair up and down, even removing the carrycot as it again is so light and easy to take on and off, it hoesntly requires such little effort. Once he got to about 5.5 months old, he naturally wanted to see his surroundings, so we transitioned him from the carrycot to the seat and he loved being in his pushchair even more. He is so comfortable and happy whenever we go for a walk as the Oyster3 is such a smooth ride for him, he almost always doses off and the fact that the seat lies completely flat for him means he can nap very comfortably. Now that it is warmer I am able to pull the UV protected hood almost completely over him.

The only criticisms I have is that the strap on the seat can be a bit fiddly, especially if you have a wiggly baby, however I see that the magnetic strap is available to buy separately so I will definitely be buying that and updating my pushchair. The second criticism I have is that one of the buttons on the bumper bar has gone missing somehow, which means I am unable to remove the bumper bar completely. But I will be getting in touch with my retailer who will hopefully advise of a fix. 

I love my Oyster3 and I am so glad that I made the right choice to invest in the travel system. I would hand on heart recommend it to any parent. The quality is impeccable and we will definitely be using this pushchair if we have another child. For now I am going to enjoy every second of it. “


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