August 23rd 2019

We are delighted to now be able to announce that we will be launching the new Oyster Capsule infant car seat system at the end of this year.

Needless to say, this new infant car seat will be an i-Size system and we can confirm that it has already passed safety testing at speeds that exceed the ADAC test standards that Which? had tested our Carapace system against.

We made a commitment at the start of May that all future BabyStyle infant car seat projects and products would meet the extended testing limits that ADAC measure against and we have delivered on that promise with the Capsule and will continue to do so going forward.

The Capsule will be available in all Oyster3 colours which will allow us to offer the complete matching travel system bundles that so many of you enjoy using. We will share more information about the Capsule over the next few months as production begins and we prepare to launch it into retailers.

For those of you who are still using your Carapace car seats and DuoFix Bases we would like to make you aware that the deadline for returns and replacements of those products is September 30th 2019.

If you are still to resolve your products then please contact your BabyStyle retailer that you originally purchased it from as soon as possible (before 30th September) or call our customer service team on 01509 816444.

May 7th 2019

Our Technical Director returned from China last week having established a plan with the Oyster Carapace manufacturer and work begins on improving the strength of the car seat when used in combination with the Isofix base. The team were able to recreate the test conditions and speeds and a lot of new information has been made available to us from this and revisit the product design and tooling.

A lot of work is already underway and over the next few months we will share key milestones and updates as the project develops.

May 1st 2019

Based on our learning from recent weeks we are now 100% committed to ensuring that any future car seat products that we develop will surpass all available test conditions available to products in EU.

April 24th 2019

Unfortunately, Which? have been unable to supply us with the Oyster Carapace car seat that failed their extended testing, so we have been unable to inspect it. Therefore our Technical Director is currently in China, having flown out last Wednesday, to visit the factory and meet with the owners and designers of the Oyster Carapace to attempt to recreate the test conditions and begin to work with the manufacturer to establish a product that will pass all car seat test conditions that are available within the EU.

April 10th 2019

As some of you will be aware, our Oyster Carapace car seat in combination with the DuoFix i-Size base has failed during a crash test that Which? has had performed by a third party on their behalf.

We are advising all of our Oyster Carapace customers to stop using the Oyster Carapace car seat with the DuoFix i-Size base.

Fitting the Oyster Carapace car seat in your vehicle with the seat belt only is a perfectly safe option that has passed the Which? test with a 4 out of 5 rating.

Since we were alerted to the results of the test last week we have been actively pursuing the reported problems and are working hard to find a solution.

We immediately advised and supported all of our retailers with guidance and a series of options available for every individual affected by this situation and we will continue to do this.

If you are an existing Oyster Carapace customer or if you have the product on order with a retailer then please contact that retailer and they will discuss all options with you. If you would prefer to contact us direct then please do so using the contact details here.

We have taken this action for the simple reason that we care very much about every parent and BabyStyle product owner and whilst we know that our Carapace car seat meets the safety standard required by passing the official standard safety test, we also know that your peace of mind at this very precious stage of life is of paramount importance.

We will continue to share updates on our investigation into this issue in a completely clear and transparent manner on this webpage. We will also continue to inform you of all further important updates through our social media channels.

We would like to complete this update by thanking all of our wonderful retailers who have worked so hard on our behalf for the last few days, and who continue to do so. We also extend our deepest thanks to our friends at Maxi Cosi who have been very supportive over these first few days and will continue to assist us going forward.